Introduction to Acle Academy

Located in the heart of the Norfolk Broads, Acle Academy is fortunate to be just a short distance from the extensive waterways, paths and marshes that make up this beautiful part of Norfolk.


Leaders have implemented high quality intervention for pupils in English and Mathematics” - Ofsted, April 2017

Leaders are acting with urgency to drive forward improvements in the school” - Ofsted, April 2017



The week commencing Monday 5th June will be Week 1 on the timetable.

Non-school uniform

It is non-school uniform tomorrow, Friday 26th May for Years 7 - 10.  Year 11 have to attend school in full school uniform due to exam regulations.  The voluntary contribution of £1.00 will go to EACH.

Year 7 Norfolk County Council Road Safety Presentation

This term, all Year 7 students will be receiving a road safety presentation from NCC’s Road Safety Officer, Richard Wiseman. The presentation "The Grim Reaper" will be delivered in Ethics and Life Skills lessons.

Learn more about the Presentations

Ofsted Monitoring Visit - March 2017

On Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd March we welcomed two visitors from Ofsted to Acle Academy who were monitoring the progress we have made since the last inspection in December 2016.

Ofsted Final Inspection Letter - 21st April 2017

New School Uniform

Some students glimpsed some of the samples we have requested from uniform suppliers. The final design will be agreed only when we have shown the full range of choices and sought student views. Despite the rumour mill, nothing has been finalised yet.

Parents Evenings

Year 8 - 25th May
Year 7 - 15th June

Year 11 Prom

Date: 30th June 2017

Tracking 3 Celebrations

Student Achievement Celebrations

  • Congratulations to all students mentioned in our tracking 3 celebrations this Spring, view our Student Achievement Celebrations page.
  • And to former student Alice Kay who has been accepted by Cambridge University to read Geography.


Students are attending police presentations currently to highlight both the danger and illegality of sexting (sending/downloading a sexual image of a child) We are focussing upon the damage sexting causes to a young person’s self-esteem and the danger of careless use of technology leading to criminal records which stay with people forever.

Recently the possible dangers of unacceptable contacts being made through on-line gaming sites have been highlighted nationally. Please check on how your children are engaging with on-line games. It is worth looking at the following link to fully understand the dangers some children may encounter.

Active Kids 2017 is back!  

We are now collecting the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers and would be grateful if these could be dropped off at the school office or post them to us. Many thanks.



Year 7 NCC Road Safety Presentation

Published 3rd May 2017 in News

This term, all Year 7 students will be receiving a road safety presentation from NCC’s Road Safety Officer, Richard Wiseman. The presentation "The Grim Reaper" will be delivered in Ethics and Life Skills lessons.

  • 7X1 9th June 2017 (Mrs Watts)
  • 7X2 8th May 2017 (Mrs Wright)
  • 7X3 22nd June 2017 (Mrs Wright)

For further information about the presentation, please contact Mrs Wright by email or telephone.



BBC Symphony Orchestra coming to Acle!

Published 2nd May 2017 in News

The orchestra musicians in the Acle Cluster schools have an amazing opportunity to learn from and work with some of the best musicians in the world, when members of the BBC Symphony Orchestra visit Acle Primary School on Thursday 18th May. If you have ever watched the Last Night of the Proms from the Royal Albert Hall, then you will have seen the BBC Symphony Orchestra in action!

The day is being recorded by BBC TV and Radio.


Ofsted Monitoring Visit

Published 22nd April 2017 in News

On Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd March we welcomed two visitors from Ofsted to Acle Academy who were monitoring the progress we have made since the last inspection in December 2016.

Ofsted Final Inspection Letter - 21st April 2017.



Business Day

Published 22nd March 2017 in News

On 17th March Year 10 took part in 'Business Day'. Students met with lots of different visitors/businesses.

A great experience for all involved.


Confident Communicators

Published 16th March 2017 in News

Last week, the school was able to host a brilliant workshop called “Confident Communicators".

Fourteen Year Eight girls came to the library in the morning, feeling very unsure about what was in store for them. Under the fantastic and frenetic tuition of Matt Bagley from Camouflage Learning, the girls were shown that they already had the skills to be confident, communicate well and not to fear failure



A Star Wars Group - Visit to Cambridge

Published 3rd March 2017 in News

On the 1st March , fifteen students in the A Star Wars Intervention Group visited Cambridge University with Mrs Watts and Mr Day. Students spent the morning at the Cambridge Hilton Hotel taking part in a seminar by the Pixl association entitled - 'Getting into Top Universities’.


Acle’s Got Talent!

Published 1st March 2017 in News

On the 24th February students of Acle Academy hosted, ‘Acle’s Got Talent’.

Year Eleven students at Acle Academy organised this event which featured performances from both students and teachers.



Abusive Behaviour Presentation

Published 24th February 2017 in News

This morning (Friday 24th February) Year 10 students were given a hard hitting presentation on abusive relationships by PC Oldman.

Their responses to the presentation were very perceptive. Students were advised to seek help if they felt friends now or in the future were in such relationships and the attached slides have a summary of the help available locally.


Improving our consistency in Feedback

November 2016 - This half term we have launched a new strategy to help ensure that we are all consistent in the feedback that students receive across the school. On significant assessments teachers will give feedback according to our Feedback Four policy. This will include a positive comment where students have successfully completed an element of the task; a target for improvement; a next step- this is something that students will need to respond to within the lesson or for homework and a suggestion to improve literacy. Students will be given time in lesson to read, reflect, respond and re draft their work.

Students are encouraged to engage with their feedback and be self motivated to constantly seek ways to improve their work. Parents are encouraged to read through the teacher comments and ensure students complete their next steps.

Countdown To Year 11 1st GCSE exam


About Acle Academy


If you are parents or carers considering sending your children here, you may find the link to the school’s prospectus helpful. If you wish to know more about our standards then please follow the links to our examination report and our targets.

If you don't find the information that you need, please do drop us a line - just click on the business card!



If you have any concerns or questions about ‘sexting’, please click on this link to view a leaflet produced by Norfolk Constabulary.

Tootoot gives students a safe place to confidentially disclose their worries and concerns which surround bullying. Please click here or on the link on this page to go to their website. 

Remote access to your network user area and the shared resources area click here for further details and to log on. Access to your school email and calendar is also available here

Now we can give you access to well over 700 online stores; more choice and a greater opportunity to build funds for school projects that are supported by the PTA. Joining up is free and you pay no extra for your purchases; just nominate us as the beneficiary of the commission - everything from your weekly shop to special purchases count. Please do click the link.

The Care and Guidance Team at Acle Academy have spent significant time resolving the hurt and harm caused by inappropriate use of the internet and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, AskFM etc. As a school we take this very seriously and frequently involve the local police. Further guidance for parents is available here and by clicking the red eSafe button.

Can we remind students, parents and carers of particular concerns we have.


I would like to remind all drivers of the importance of respecting the parking restrictions outside the school gates.  Those drivers who choose to ignore this request are threatening the safety of children and young people crossing the road.  Thank you for your co-operation.

School Drop Off

A reminder to parents that they should not be driving into school to drop students off in the morning, unless it is for medical reasons.

Be Safe, Be Seen

If students are cycling to school they should wear a helmet to protect them and something fluorescent to ensure they are visible to motorists when on dark roads. Similarly those walking to school should wear something to ensure they are visible, even if it is simply a fluorescent flash on their bags.

Finally, we ask that all parents continue to stress to students the need to wear seatbelts when travelling on school transport.

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