policiesThe documents held in this area of our web site are our policies. These govern the day to day operation of the school and guide the decisions that we make.

Every effort is made to keep these on-line versions of our policies up to date for your reference. However, please remember that the "official" versions held by the Clerk to the Governors at the school and these will always be deemed to be the definitive policy.

We always welcome the views of parents and carers on our policies, particularly those under review. You can do this by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Firstly, our Aims and Values - a list of our guiding principles.

Accessibility Plan.  This plan shows the short, medium and long term plans regarding accessibility for disabled students - Awaiting ratification by the Wensum Trust

Admissions Policy This policy gives details of the criteria used to admit students to Acle Academy - DRAFT - Awaiting ratification by the Wensum Trust

Attendance Policy The aims of this policy are: to encourage students to attend School regularly by working closely with parents/carers and students and also to ensure that there is an efficient system, known to all, for ensuring that students who should be attending the School have registered six times daily, or a reason for non-attendance is known to the School.

Behaviour Policy This policy covers areas including the school ethos, rules of conduct, standards of behaviour at the academy, and rewards and sanctions - Awaiting ratification by the Wensum Trust

Anti Bullying Policy We are committed to providing a caring and friendly environment for all our students so that they can learn in a safe and secure manner. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our school. If bullying does occur, students and parents should feel that they can inform us of incidents with the confidence that these will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

Charging Policy Education at Acle Academy is, for the most part, free of charge. This policy provides details of the few exceptions to this where parents are asked to meet additional financial costs. This policy is currently under review. 

Complaints Policy This policy details procedure and guidance relating to complaints. 

Curriculum Policy The curriculum is the formal means by which the school translates its aims and values into practice. It comprises all the planned activities and experiences which the school provides to help students learn.

Equalities Policy This policy is designed to make sure the school complies with equality legislation. 

Health and Safety Policy Pending internal review – 2017 This policy sets out the legal framework and procedures by which the School seeks to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all users of the school site. 

Exam Policy - Awaiting ratification by the Wensum Trust 

Home School Agreement The home-school agreement sets out the important partnership between the school, its parents and carers and its students, that has at its heart the development of every student so that they can be happy, safe and make good progress.

Home Learning Policy Our Home Learning policy defines what homework is, the sort of tasks, recording, rewards, sanctions and many other aspects of homework. Homework is any work or activity which students are expected to do outside lesson time.

ICT Resources, eSafety and Data Protection Policy This policy refers to and encompasses the use of computers, internet technologies and other forms of electronic communications by students and staff at Acle Academy.

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation (DRAFT)  This policy is in draft and was developed to show we recognise that safeguarding against radicalisation and extremism is no different to safeguarding against any other vulnerability in today’s society.

Safeguarding Incorporating Child Protection This policy sets out the procedures followed by the school with respect to issues of child protection and safeguarding. It highlights the role of the “Designated Teacher” and gives guidance for adults working with children and young people.

SEND Information Report This document is part of the Norfolk Local Offer for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.  At Acle Academy we aim to offer excellence and choice to all our SEND students and we are committed to working together with all members of our school community.

SEND Policy This policy outlines our approach to Special Educational Needs - DRAFT - Subject to finalisation - Awaiting ratification by the Wensum Trust 

SEND Code of Practice 

Sex and Relationships policy Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) aims to inform children and young people about relationships, emotions, sex, sexuality and sexual health. It enables them to develop personal and social skills and a positive attitude to sexual health and well-being. 

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions This policy informs of our aims to provide all children with all medical conditions the same opportunities as others at school.

The Wensum Trust Policies/Trustees  Please follow this link to see policies from The Wensum Trust and to see the Trustees

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