The ASDAN “Certificate of Personal Effectiveness” (CoPE) is a vocational course aimed at improving employability skills.

Acle Academy has been recognised, by ASDAN, for high standards in delivering and integrating the course within the school and the local community.

CoPE is a life skills course which does exactly what it says on the tin.

ASDAN students have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their employability skills as well as showing off their personal achievements both in and out of school.

The portfolio of work, produced by each student, is a good indication of ability and attitude which can be used as evidence when applying for jobs or college courses in the future.

Students gain credit for working in areas that interest them personally and for achievements in other school subjects and from outside of school.

There is no set scheme of work although students must demonstrate 6 key skills in a required format.

The key skills are:

·      Working with others

·      Problem solving

·      Improving own learning and performance

·      Discussion

·      Giving oral presentations

·      Research skills

Students are given a record book, which contains suggestions and ideas for activities, and in which they can record their progress.

The school has a dedicated vocational centre with classroom, workshop and a large garden with a greenhouse and poly tunnel. 

We have links with the local Parish Council, The County Council,  Acle Lands Trust and Fairhaven water gardens.

Students have been involved with local community projects sponsored by these bodies.

We have also been awarded funding by The Ranworth Trust for construction projects in school and the local community.

Past ASDAN projects have included:

Various gardening activities such as growing vegetables, making a rockery, wildlife gardening, planting an orchard, planting willow coppice and landscaping.

Making a Broads themed garden on the school roundabout.

Constructing board walks and handrails in local woodland. 

Installing the school bike sheds.

Building various paths and fences around the school premises.

Planting new woods with the County Council.

Making a “Coronation Crown” planter for the Parish Council’s Jubilee celebrations.

Turning street bollards into palace guards to for the Jubilee celebrations.

Converting the old school tractor shed into a workshop for the school boat club.

Building a wildlife pond in the ASDAN garden.

Making an “Olympic Garden” in the school grounds to celebrate the 1012 Olympics.

Building a brick and timber shed in the ASDAN garden.

Constructing a replica Iron Age roundhouse in the school grounds.

Building a replica chariot and other Iron Age artefacts to put on display at an open day.

Making a Neolithic Plough and using it to grow our own wheat.

Building a replica Roman Hypocaust heating system in the school grounds.

Holding a Roman event in the ASDAN garden.

Making Roman shields and swords to equip a platoon of year 7 history students. 

Excavating and restoring a WW2 Anderson Shelter.

Making and presenting a replica WW2 kitchen display at the Norfolk Show.

Building a replica Roman Oven at the school Archaeology dig site.

Constructing a green outdoor classroom area at Fairhaven Water Gardens.

Building and installing a new bird hide at Fairhaven Water gardens. 

Clearing nettles and scrub from Fishley churchyard.

Thatching the Iron Age roundhousePlanting willow coppiceBuilding an iglooBuilding a Roman ovenNeolithic PloughingRestoring furnitureWorking at Fairhaven Water Gardens

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