ICT?...  It’s learning about computers, isn’t it?

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ICT, or Information and Communications Technology, is not just about how computers work. In ICT we study lots of different topics, but we use technology to help us to further understand those topics and ICT skills to help us be more creative and effective in how we communicate.

In Year 7, at the start of Key Stage 3, you will be studying three different topics. First is “E-Safety”, where you will learn how to use technology in a safe way. E-Safety leaflet by Rowan

Next we look at financial models in a unit entitled “Band Manager” and see that maths and numeracy can be easy when ICT does the work for you. We finish Year 7 with “Greener Holidays” where we learn how to make a promotional video. Here's one we prepared earlier!...  “Greener Holidays” promotional video by Chelsea.  Make sure your browser will play mp4 files!

You begin Year 8 with “Information Superhighway”, a unit that encourages pupils to search the internet in a more intelligent way. We then look at computer game development in “Gameplan IT”, looking at programming logic and pitching our ideas to potential investors. We conclude the year with “Logo”, a unit that teaches graphic design and the importance of considering a sense of audience and purpose (SoAP); this is a topic we really feel is at the heart of using ICT well. 

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Alternative Olympic Logo by Amber

We launch Year 9 with the development of the SoAP concept, looking at how to create a targeted leaflet. We then challenge our pupils to create and develop their own music database with the “Music Manager” unit.

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Music Manager website

We close KS3 with a unit that prepares students for the KS4 work. The “Broads and Marshes” Summative Project Brief (SPB) follows the independent learning style of the DiDA suite units that pupils will study in Years 10 and 11.

In the department we are always there helping with organising events, completing homework, supporting students, creating maps for the school, writing CV’s for college applications… students use the ICT rooms for all kinds of things and that’s what we’re about; doing all kinds of things well!

Alternative Olympic Logo by RyanAlternative Olympic Logo by KainUsing a spreadsheet to manage the accounts of our imaginary rock band, “The Shakes”Poster to promote “The Shakes” on their tour

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