Modern Foreign Languages

At Acle Academy we build on the languages you already know, whether that’s a little or a lot.

What you’ll notice most is that you are improving your communication skills, which is fun and gives you a growing sense of achievement. You’ll become more confident socially as you practise with other students in pairs or groups. Every student benefits in literacy, from spelling and punctuation to a better understanding of what “grammar” is useful for. Interactive whiteboards allow you to see and hear foreign speakers to get used to the pronunciation of the language and to the variety of lifestyles in other countries. 

In our classrooms, you’ll enjoy preparing to take up opportunities in this multi-cultural world!

There are opportunities to meet and work with native speakers, which means people who are French or German, or are from another country but have grown up speaking one of those languages.

We have visiting theatre groups performing entertaining plays in French and German: you could even join them on stage! Each year our most talented foreign language learners have the chance to take part in a regional speaking competition. There are opportunities to travel to France and / or Germany yourself, on activity, cultural or a home-to-home exchange basis.

Year 8FO made croque-monsieur as part of a cafe unitExploring the great outdoors on the Exchange in Germany!A box representing French culture!The marshmallow/Eiffel Tower challenge! With limited materials and time, build a tower strong enough to support a marshmallowOne proud and one bashful student with their chocolate prize!

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