Music is part of Expressive Arts which also includes Art, Drama and Dance. In a recent review, we were rated ‘Outstanding’. At Acle, we want everyone to enjoy the experience of learning music. Whether you play an instrument, sing or just listen to heavy metal on your ipod, there should be something that catches your interest and enthuses your learning!

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The Music Department is very well-equipped, with lots of instruments, keyboards and pianos, loads of music resources such as books and CDs. As well as a large teaching room we also have special practice rooms which allow you to concentrate better in small groups when you are performing or composing music. We also have a special practice room just for instrumental lessons. 

Students can use the practice rooms in lesson time, breaks and lunchtimes

In most Music lessons, you will be using instruments – making music rather than just writing about music. At Acle, Music is mostly a practical subject – though there is some written work to do now and again. Obviously, students opting for GCSE Music have more written work to do! By the way, Music at GCSE level is one of the top performing subjects in the school! 


On Black History Day, students took part in an African drumming workshop

As well as class lessons, there are opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities such as learning an instrument. We have visiting teachers that teach all kinds of instruments from flutes and guitars to violins and keyboard. We also have a singing teacher. Look around the Music Room and you will see literally hundreds of certificates belonging to students who have passed music exams. No one is forced to take an exam – but it is a good way of charting progress and gives you an incentive to practise! 


We also have a School Orchestra, Recorder Group, Guitar Group and Choir that perform at school concerts. Absolutely anybody is welcome to join these groups and in case you are wondering, you don’t have to have music lessons at school to be in the Orchestra (but you do have to be in the Orchestra if you have lessons at school)!

Recently we held an ‘Industry Education in Music Workshop’ where students worked with the band Polar Collective to produce their own songs and perform to a live audience.

We regularly put on a show – ‘Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ was the 2014 production. Again, everybody who wants to be involved can take part, though we hold auditions for the main characters. It’s great fun and everybody that has been in an Acle show will tell you that it is a really great experience. Hopefully, some of you reading this will have seen one of our productions. Some parents reading this might have been in a show themselves!


Joseph and the The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Acle Academy

Mr Shepherd is in charge of Music at Acle. It’s easy to find him as he’s always in the Music Room! He’s always happy to answer any questions you may have and sort out any possible problems.

The GCSE Music group of 2012GCSE Music students perform on guitar and pianoWinners of the Alex Atterson Prize for Music 2013: Dominic Whittaker, Katie Bluck and Callum NichollsStudents develop a number of musical skills such as learning to play the keyboardWe have two concerts every year featuring the school Orchestra, Choir, Recorders and soloistsStudents learn drumming techniques from professional musicians on Black History DayStudents play the African drumsIn March 2014, students visited the Great Yarmouth Hippodrome to watch the BBC Concert Orchestra as part of the BBC Music Mix Concert SeriesOur 2010 school production ‘Hairspray’In 2011 we performed the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’In 2012 we performed – the ever-popular ‘Grease’Our most recent performance - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in 2014'Industry Education in Music Workshop’ where students worked with the band Polar Collective

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