At Acle Academy, a team of enthusiastic and dedicated science teachers aim to bring science to life using practical, hands-on teaching, as well as encouraging students to find the science in their everyday lives.


Key Stage 3

Since the new national curriculum, we have been redesigning the Year 7 and 8 schemes to incorporate the exciting changes. The latest content will hopefully prove more interesting to all students and more challenging to our most gifted. The range of topics is as diverse as always and will allow everyone to find their favourite:

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Key Stage 4

From Sept 2015, all students in the top half of the year group will start their GCSE course in Year 9. This will allow them the opportunity to take separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs. Students in the lower half of the year will have the chance to go at a slightly slower pace, while still achieving the double science award at the end of year 11.

Although the syllabus for the new GCSEs have yet to be published, we can be sure that they will be as exciting and challenging as the new KS3 curriculum. They will undoubtedly give the students a chance to extend their thinking about science in the world around us and prepare them for the technologically and scientifically advanced future they will have to face.



Students at Acle Academy have many opportunities for enrichment within a science framework. Year seven students, in particular, are keen to take part in activities beyond the main curriculum. We have the ever popular Mission X, where students take part in a training course designed to prepare them for the rigours of space travel. This year this included a trip to Cambridge University to witness first hand the amazing astronomical technology on offer.

Science 8 at Thrigby


There’s a jelly competition for students who wish to pit their wits against other schools in the area and see who can make the tallest (yet still edible) jelly. If competitions are your thing, we also have the Salter’s Chemistry Competition and the Top of the Bench event, where the knowledge and skills of our students are tested against other schools.

The last few years have also seen several trips to Thrigby Zoo, with both KS3 and KS4 students, and, most excitingly, this year will see the first (hopefully annual) trip to Thorpe Park with the Year 11’s, with the aim of helping them prepare for their exams in a fun and adventurous way.

Finally, every year we hold the very successful 'Spaced Out Day'. Each year group spends one day in the summer term on an activity related to Space:


Year 7s spend the day as an alien race. They turn up in their national costume, write a national anthem, choreograph and perform their national dance and present themselves to the other Y7 aliens.

Science 4

Year 8 are launching rockets. They will spend the day planning and making a variety of rockets, which they can then launch into the sky.


Year 9 are astronauts in training. They spend the day preparing for their expedition with a series of gruelling but fun challenges, including a spacewalk, making and trying out a lunar lander and putting together a space suit.

Science 1


Year 10, after all their training over the years, are ready for their mission. They are the Planetary Pioneers, bravely stepping forth into the unknown. They must organize their groups, navigate dangerous places and find out who, ultimately, has what it takes to make it in an alien world.

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