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Year 10 and 11 Controlled Assessments

Controlled assessment is a new approach for those GCSE subjects which require internal assessment. It is a tightening of the circumstances in which candidates, over a period of time, complete those aspects of the subject which are usually marked by their teacher.

Year 10 and 11 students will have to meet a number of Controlled Assessment deadlines. It is vital that these deadlines are met so that workloads are spread across the year and they are able to achieve the best possible grades.

More Information on Controlled Assessments

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Other Exam Information

General GCSE and timetables will be posted on the Examinations Notice Board in the main corridor (opposite Room 1) and on the school's website.

Detailed information regarding specific subjects and tiers to be taken will be posted to parents after Christmas in the format of Statement of Entries. These will need to be checked carefully, signed and returned to the Examinations Office to ensure the correct entries are made to Examination Boards. A Notice to Candidates from JCQ will also be issued at this time, detailing Regulations, but in brief they are as follows:-

  • Mobile phones and electrical equipment are not permitted in the examination halls and must be switched off and placed in the tray held out by the Invigilator.  These will then be placed in the Examination Officer's room for safe keeping.   Students risk disqualification if caught with a mobile phone on their person. 
  • Once a student enters the Examination Room there must be no communication with other students at all.
  • Students must provide all their own equipment e.g. black pens, pencils, rulers etc., these must be in a clear pencil case or plastic bag. Calculator lids are not permitted in any examination room. The school is unable to provide equipment for examinations and therefore students must bring this with them. Students may not use correcting fluid, highlighters, gel pens.
  • Water bottles with labels removed are allowed in examinations (no juice/squash). NO FOOD is allowed in Examination Rooms unless a student has a pre-declared medical condition (written medical consent is required for this).

Seating Arrangements

Seat plans for each examination will be displayed outside the main hall shortly before the examination. This includes students who have special access arrangements. Students should check these seat plans to ensure they know where they need to go to for each of their examinations. Seat plans are arranged in candidate number order and may also be in tier order (foundation or higher).  Please note if your candidate number does not appear on any seat plan, please notify the Examinations Officer immediately.

All students must attend registration first and then go to the appropriate examination room. For Year 11 students who have already left but still need to attend school for examinations, they have to register at the front office for each exam by signing in and signing out.  This is very important for fire regulations.

External examinations will start promptly at 9.15 am and 1.30 pm. All students should arrive 10 minutes before the start time of an examination at the appropriate room.

Students will have to remain in the Examination Rooms until the end of an examination regardless of whether they have finished the exam or not. There may be some occasions where an exam runs over the end of the school day.  If this happens then alternative arrangements will be needed to be made for students to get home.  This is likely to be applicable to students who are allocated extra time or if we have to run more than one exam session due to accommodating a high number of students for the same exam.

Further Information

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