Year 10 and 11 Controlled Assessments

Year 10 and 11 students will have to meet a number of Controlled Assessment deadlines. It is vital that these deadlines are met so that workloads are spread across the year and they are able to achieve the best possible grades.

This information is to help your child plan ahead for their Controlled Assessment. They will probably have completed or begun some Controlled Assessment for certain subjects, but it is from this point onwards that deadlines loom. They will be given guidance about how they can work to deadlines and manage their time sensibly.

It is essential they plan ahead and adopt good working practices. Controlled Assessments can be an excellent way to improve examination grades but it will depend on students being organised and hard-working over an extended period of time.

In the attached documents are the date and details of the controlled assessments for each subject.

Y10 Controlled Assessments 2016-17

Y11 Controlled Assessments 2016-17

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