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During last week’s National Anti-Bullying Week, Acle’s new peer mentors, the ‘Helping Hands’ successfully delivered an assembly to all year groups. The aim of the assembly was to raise students’ awareness of the impact of bullying and how the whole school community can help to prevent, challenge and report it. 

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The assembly also introduced Acle’s Helping Hands to the whole school.  Helping Hands will soon be on duty every break and lunchtime in order to provide a listening ear for students, offering help and  support in relation to any kind of worries or concerns. 

The Helping Hands are delighted that Acle Academy’s PTA have kindly agreed to fund some bespoke hoodies for them to wear on duty. The hoodies will ensure the Helping Hands can be easily identified by other students and staff when they’re on duty. Acle’s Helping Hands are currently looking forward to the arrival of their hoodies so their duties can begin as soon as possible!

Former Acle Student Chris PageMet Office Weather Forecaster and Presenter Media Meteorologist

We recently caught up with a former student Chris Page  who  told us how his Geography lessons at Acle inspired his future career……..

Chris Page
Physical Geography BSc, University of Reading Met Office Weather Forecaster and Presenter Media Meteorologist 

What did you think about Geography in year 8?

When I first started Geography at secondary school I can remember the first thing I had to learn were the major cities, rivers and mountain ranges of the UK. Although this was interesting and has helped in quizzes since, this wasn’t my passion. 

Learning about the natural environment from hurricanes to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to name a few, is what excites me! Studying about how our earth has changed through time, due to the natural processes that have formed our planet as we know it today was what I loved and still do! 

Studying geography at a young age inspired me to travel the world and experience these natural processes I’d learnt about in class! You can’t beat a field trip!

What do you think about Geography now?

If it wasn’t for those first few early lessons in high school I wouldn’t be where I am today. I loved learning about the earth so much that I later studied it at both A-level and degree where I specialised in Physical Geography.

Since then, I’ve travelled the world, hiked the Grand Canyon, dived the Great Barrier Reef and now as a career, I forecast the weather for a world leader in weather and climate prediction.

Geography provided me with the vital skills that I now use on a daily basis in my career. If you love learning about the planet we live on, and how we are having an impact on its future, then Geography is the subject for you!

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