German Exchange 2

The German Exchange 

We visited a small town called Harsewinkel in Germany from the 21st-28th of September. We already knew our exchange partners as they had come to stay with us beforehand so it was really nice to see them again. We spent the week doing activities with the whole group and we got to plan our own weekends with our exchange partners. Getting to plan our own weekend was really good as we were able to see more of Germany and see some amazing places. I really enjoyed every day of the exchange. We did a variety of activities including a group barbeque, going to a climbing park, playing handball and visiting some local towns and cities and some of the landmarks within them. I loved getting to experience how different life was in Germany as that is an experience you can never really get if you go on a normal holiday there. Overall the German exchange was an absolutely amazing experience and I made some very good friends that I am looking forward to hopefully seeing again soon.  

Rachael Miller

German Exchange

A group of students visited a small town in Germany called Harsewinkel from the 21st- 28th September 2016. Previously our German partners had come to stay and visit us in England, so therefore we were excited and comfortable to stay with them. As we arrived we were greeted by them and their families at a nearby train station and then brought back to their homes. We could then see how a German student lives. Over the week we had full, fun days out! We took part in climbing, tours, a barbecue, visiting their school and many more things! I enjoyed every day of the exchange! I especially enjoyed the barbecue on the 2nd night as this gave us an opportunity to get to know our partners even more and to feel more comfortable with the whole group. I also really liked the weekend as there was nothing planned, so we could go anywhere we wanted with our partners. I found it very interesting seeing how different life in Germany is. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and made many friends. I hope to see them all again soon! 

Olivia Bygrave

The Harsewinkel German Exchange September 21st – 28th 2016

On Wednesday the 21st of September we left Acle to go to Germany for the week! At first I was scared because I had only just joined the exchange and hadn’t met my partner when they came to England. 

When we arrived in Germany, the families picked us up in Guterslöh Station so they could bring us to their homes in Harsewinkel. 

At school the following morning we had an Ice Breaking Session which included acting, speaking, and a few more fun and games. I found it quite enjoyable.

Then after lunch we went to the climbing park. I’m not really a big fan of heights but I had a go anyway. Thursday night we had a barbeque. We all had a lot of fun and the food was lovely, especially the chicken!

On Friday we went to a Coal Museum and the buildings from the inside looked amazing and grand. There was a lot of information to take in yet I learnt a fair bit.

Afterwards, we went to Dortmund to go shopping and I absolutely loved the shops there.

Saturday and Sunday were the two days where we were with the family. We were able to relax a bit more. Saturday I went shopping in Guterslöh and then on Sunday we went to the Cinema to watch Nerve. Although the movie was in German I understood a lot of it.

Monday we went to Detmold to have a tour of a castle/museum which was extremely posh and the rooms were old fashioned. We were allowed to do a bit of shopping in Detmold.

Tuesday was our last day and we went into German Lessons. I went into German and French. After lunch we played Handball until the end of the day which was a really fun sport.

Wednesday was the most upsetting day because we had to leave Germany. On the bus to the train station, I cried. I really did enjoy my time there and I miss it now. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go again next year!

Codie Sheldon

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