Maths Discovery

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The Maths department is embarking on work with “Maths Discovery” who provide talks and workshops for students of all ages to help contextualise Maths and reinvigorate interest in the subject. It is hoped that this work can be combined with transition work to further promote the subject and to ensure that students see their learning of this subject as a lifelong journey, and particularly throughout primary and secondary years.

    Prof Alan Davies from Maths Discovery is visiting the school on Tuesday 4th July to give a talk to years 9 and 10 on rainbows and the Maths behind them. We will looking at holding talks, workshops and projects in the future. We also hope to embark on work with the primary schools to set up transition projects with the help of Alan's wife Dr Diane Crann who specialises in this area.

    More about Maths Discovery can be found at their website which gives further examples of talks and workshops that they run.

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